Our founding

While we only became an official student association in 2020, we have been around since 2011 when we started off as a network. During our time as a network we mainly hosted monthly drinks, pub quizzes and movie nights. In 2018 the Activities Committee members saw a great potential for Erasmus Pride to grow and become an association. The hard work began and the concept of Erasmus Pride as a student association was born.

On the 25th of June 2020 Erasmus Pride became an official association. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the association got off to a rocky start. Despite these challenging times, we were proud to welcome over 100 members to our association in the first year, and we were able to start building our community! We have since welcomed many more LGBTQties to our association, and grown to an impactful association with eight different committees.

A special thanks goes to the founding board that put in their time and effort to make Erasmus Pride an official student association <3


Our boards

5th Board | 2023-2024

Chris (they/them) | President
Marit (any pronouns) | Vice-President
Alex (he/him) | Secretary (not pictured)
Pragya (she/they) | Treasurer
Louka (she/they) | Public Relations Manager

4th Board | 2022-2023

Zofia Staszewska (she/her) | President
Alex Gordzievskaia (she/they) | Vice-President
Julia Szponder (she/they) | Secretary
Stephan van Roon (he/him) | Treasurer
Sarah Juillard (she/her) | Head of External Affairs


3rd Board | 2021-2022

Leonardo Ayala (he/him) | President
Jelle de Haan (he/they) | Vice-President
Joy Berkelouw (he/him) | Secretary (resigned)
Fabian Hack (he/him) | Treasurer
Riya Divekar (she/her) | Public Relations Manager


2nd Board | 2020-2021

Fabian Lips (he/him) | President
Lotte Ten Braak (she/her) | Vice-President
Irene Folkers (she/her) | Secretary
Grzegorz Janowicz (he/him) | Treasurer

1st Board | 2019-2020

Fabian Lips (he/him) | President
Julia Werkhoven (she/her) | Vice-President
Vlada Voskobiynyk (they/them) | Secretary
Andrea Blattler (she/her) | Treasurer