Our association

Erasmus Pride has been around since 2011. We started as a network for students and employees of the Erasmus University Rotterdam. In 2020, we became an official association. If you're curious about how that went and who were the drivers behind this proces, you should check out more info on our history page.


That made us the LGBTQIA+ student association of Rotterdam. Once every two weeks, we host a social drink and throughout the year we organize an abundance of activities, like LGBTQIA+ pub crawls, parties, movie nights, guest lectures and many more! The highlight of our year is the Rotterdam Pride in September, a week filled with the best events you don't want to miss.

To keep the association running, we have a board that is in charge of the daily management. Each person in the board has their own tasks, all necessary to make Erasmus Pride thrive. But the board members don't have to do everything on their own. We have different committees in place and each committee is filled with active Erasmus Pride members that like to help Erasmus Pride and give back to the LGBTQIA+ community. The people in the board and committees are changed every year, so everyone gets a fair chance to show and develop their skills in the management of the association.

Right now Erasmus Pride is managed by the 5th board that consist of the following members:

Chris Klarenbeek (they/them)

Marit Dukker (any pronouns)




Alex Xydia (he/him)





Pragya Verma (she/they)

Public Relations Manager
Louka van Pelt (she/they)

Next to our association being based around providing fun activities for our members, we are also aware that we have a crucial role in society. We work closely with the Erasmus University of Rotterdam to improve their diversity and inclusion policies. We are actively thinking of ways to educate people about the LGBTQIA+ community and what better place to start than in the education system. NExt to being present and active on campus, we are also active off campus. We are a member of the pride010-network, which is a collaboration of all the (big) LGBTQ+ organizations in Rotterdam. Together we make sure that the city is doing its best to provide safety and resources for LGBTQIA+ people and we give advice to the municipality on their policies.


So, when you join Erasmus Pride we will make sure you'll have plenty of opportunities to have fun and relax. Next to that, we make sure that you are feeling safe and your rights are being protected, both on and off campus. We are a community and we got your back!


One of our members, Timothy Bos, gave an interview about Erasmus Pride, which you can check here: