Our committees

As a member of our association there are different committees you can join in order to help the association, work with a great group of people and boost your CV. At Erasmus Pride we have the following committees in place:

The Activities Committee (AC)

Our association would definitely not be as fun if there were no activities. In order to make it all a lot more fun, our Activities Committee is responsible for coming up with and organizing our events. They put in a lot of time and effort to make sure all our members will be able to have a good time when they come to one of our activities. Some examples of activities that the AC has organized in the past years are social drinks, book clubs, (halloween) parties, ice skating nights, movie nights, game nights and lectures. The AC is however very creative so new kinds of activities are always in the works.

The AC can be contacted via activities@erasmuspride.nl


The Marketing Committee (MC)

So now that the activities are organized, we have to make sure all of you will know what is happening at what time. To make sure you know where to be, the Marketing Committee will update everyone about events that are happening via our social media channels. Next to these posts the MC creates awareness in case of LGBTQIA+ awareness/visibility days or if there are pressing topics that need to be addressed. They create almost all content you see on our Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn and Discord. Next to that the MC has worked on creating our committee clothing and merch in the past years to make sure we’ll all look good while dancing the night away.

The MC can be contacted via marketing@erasmuspride.nl

Yearbook Committee (YbC)

While you are having a good time at our association and creating memories, the Yearbook committee will make sure you’ll have a book filled with all those amazing memories to look back on when you’re gray and old. YbC will work all year to create our first ever yearbook filled with the best pictures, fun stories and amazing messages.

The YbC can be contacted via yearbook@erasmuspride.nl

Gala Committee (GC)

Always wanted to go to an Erasmus Pride Gala? The Gala Committee has got you covered! This year the GC will put in their time and effort to provide you with the night of your life, filled with the most fancy outfits, champagne and entertainment.

The GC can be contacted via gala@erasmuspride.nl 

Introduction Committee (IC)
Do you remember the first time you got to campus and met us during the Eurekaweek or at one of our open events during the introduction period? Well, that was the work of our Introduction Committee. Our IC takes over while the AC and MC are on a break during the summer and organizes and markets everything during the Eurekaweek and the month after. Everything to make sure the new LGBTQties will find their community.

The IC can be contacted via introduction@erasmuspride.nl

Board Advisory Committee (BAC)
Even the greatest leaders have advisors, and so do we. The Board Advisory Committee consists of prior board members and exists in case the current board needs advice on an important topic or emergency. This way, we ensure that their experience and knowledge is accessible when  it is needed. Next to this, the BAC is free to advise the current board whenever they want to, to ensure the best interest of the association and its members is always the priority.

Financial Audit Committee (FAC)

Money can be a touchy subject and is prone to fraud. To ensure that the treasurer is doing their work right, the Financial Audit Committee checks the finances and work of the treasurer. This check happens at least twice a year, but a report of the finances can be requested by the FAC at any point during the year.