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Joining our association comes with a lot of perks. Just to name a few:


     - You’ll join a big community filled with amazing people
     - You’ll have access to our Discord server where you can talk to all of our members and join fun activities
     - You can become an active member in one of our committees and boost your CV and work on your skills
     - You will have access to all our events and those organized by IQSN
     - Get a say in the gay agenda through our General Assembly Meetings


Next to that, it is good to know that you don’t have to be a student at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam in order to join our association. Everyone is welcome and able to join our association as long as they are open minded and respectful of others. Next to that, our membership fee is €20 per academic year, so what are you waiting for?


Are you convinced? Sign up via the link below. Not so sure yet? Feel free to join one of our open events to get a taste of what we do and see if the association is a place for you. Keep an eye out for our Instagram and look for a post with an open lock in the upper left corner. This indicates that the event is open for everyone so you’ll be able to come by and see it for yourself.

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