Erasmus Pride
The LGBTQ+-student association in Rotterdam

We are looking for you!

Erasmus Pride is looking for a new board for the academic year of 2021-2022. So, are you looking for a way to contribute to the community, boost your CV and work with a great team of active members on improving the student lives of our members?

Wait no longer and apply here before the 20th of June.

As a Board member you will be eligible for a board grant from the EUR and a certificate of recognition next to your diploma! Our board positions are parttime (8-12 hours per week), so it can be easily combined with your studies. You won't just be leading an association, but you will also get the chance to actively be a voice for the LGBTQ+ community at the EUR and in Rotterdam.

Are you curious about which position in the board will suit you best? Check out these brief descriptions. You can also read the introductions on the Our Board page to get an idea! If you have any further questions, you can always contact the current board members or write an e-mail to


The President of the Board has a leading position in the association, together with the other members of the Board, the President is the face of Erasmus Pride. They  will be in charge of the Board and has to make sure the Board works as a team to fulfil the goals of Erasmus Pride. Their primary role is to maintain the external relations with the EUR and other partners (such as different study/student associations and other LGBTQ+-associations) next to assisting the other board members with their tasks. They prepare and lead the meetings of the Board and General Assembly.


The Vice-President is the right hand of the President of Erasmus Pride. They will assist them with maintaining the external relations and leads whenever the President isn’t able to or has given the vice-president control over a certain project. The Vice-President will also be supervising the activities committee and will make sure that the activities and events are in line with the policy of Erasmus Pride. 


The Treasurer of the Board handles the finances and budgets of the association. The Treasurer is in charge of the bank account of Erasmus Pride and makes sure the members pay their membership fees. Every expense that is made will be registered by the Treasurer and they have to give permission for big expenses (>€150). At the beginning of each year the treasurer will make a budget for the association and the committees. They will make sure that the association has financial stability and the committees are correctly keeping track of their budgets and expenses.


The Secretary is in charge of the website and social media. They will send out monthly newsletters to the members and make sure that the website and socials are up-to-date and running smoothly. They will also keep track of the members and collect/update all their relevant information. They are the contact person of Erasmus Pride and they’ll keep track of all incoming e-mails. The Secretary will supervise the marketing committee, since this will be the most active committee of Erasmus Pride on the socials. Within the Board, the Secretary makes notes of the meetings and prepares the General Assembly Meetings with the President.