Erasmus Pride
The LGBTQIA+ student association of the Erasmus University

Erasmus University of Rotterdam 

Diveristy and Inclusion Office

As you probably know, we work closely together with the Erasmus University Rotterdam. The EUR is working hard to be as diverse and inclusive as possible and has its own Diversity & Inclusion Office to facilitate this. Back in our network days, they were our program manager and helped us whenever we had an LGBTQIA+ related issue. They even funded our path to becoming an association! You can read about them and their work on their website. You can contact them (or ask us to contact them) with any question or suggestion you have about EUR’s diversity and inclusion.

The Living Room

The Living Room is a place on campus accessible to all students, without exclusion, serving a diverse and inclusive audience, reflecting the EUR community as it is. In the Living Room you can relax, play board games, play pool and much more. This is the perfect place to meet other students. There is an information point for student wellbeing and personal development. Activities are also regularly organized to boost your wellbeing and personal development. Find more information on The Living Room on their website.


EUR Student counselors

If you run into problems during your study, it's always nice to know where to ask for help. Of course, Erasmus Pride will be there for you in every way that we can, but sometimes it's good to talk to an expert. The EUR has general student counsellors, but also a student counsellor who is specialized in Diversity: Mw. Su Qin Venema MSc. You can find all information on student counsellors on their website, but first a small introduction from Su Qin Venema.


Hi everyone! 

My name is SuQin Venema and I recently started as a Student Counsellor with a focus on Inclusion at the EUR. I can help you with questions regarding legal issues, finances, study progress and study choice. You can also come to me to talk about personal circumstances. My mission is to create more awareness about Diversity & Inclusion and think about how we can improve or solve issues regarding this theme at the university. Therefore, I look forward to working together with student associations like Erasmus Pride. If you have any questions, suggestions or other feedback don’t hesitate to contact me !