Erasmus Pride
The LGBTQIA+ student association in Rotterdam

Our Network

You are not alone and neither are we! We work hard to make connections with other organizations and maintain a network. Creating ties is important, because you are stronger together and parties will be more fun if there are more people! We list the organizations in our network here:

LGBTQIA+ Rotterdam associations

  • GayRotterdam - The LGBTQ+ platform of Rotterdam
  • HR Pride - the Pride network of the Hogeschool Rotterdam
  • The Hangout-010 - A youth center providing a safe space and fun activities for LGBTQ+ youth
  • COC Rotterdam - One of the oldest LGBTQIA+ organizations in the world.

Sister Associations

  • OutSite - the LGBTQIA+ student association of Delft
  • Student Pride NL - The national LGBTQIA+ network for students.
  • Leiden Pride - The pride network of Leiden university
  • Philautia - The LGBTQIA+ student association of The Hague
  • ASV Gay - The LGBTQIA+ student association of Amsterdam
  • UHSV Anteros - The LGBTQIA+ student association of Utrecht

If you're an organization that would like to work with us, please don't hesitate to contact us! We would love to check out the possibilities for a collaboration.