Erasmus Pride
The LGBTQIA+ student association in Rotterdam

Our Committees

Erasmus Pride has several committees that help the board with keeping the association running. If you're thinking about giving back to the LGBTQ+ community and a way to boost your CV, you can join one of our committees!

Activities committee (AC)

The activities committee is the most important committee of Erasmus Pride. They will be in charge of organizing all the events and activities for our members and students at the EUR. The AC organizes our bimonthly drinks, movie nights, game nights, special lectures, workshops, picnics/BBQ's, dinners, parties, pub crawls and all other events that fit our policy, while keeping in mind that Erasmus Pride finds great importance in diversity and inclusion. The most important event for the AC is the Rotterdam Pride at the end of September. Next to the Eurekaweek, the Rotterdam Pride is very important for Erasmus Pride to attract new members, create visibility, to show our broad diversity of activities and to represent the EUR at the Rotterdam Pride (Walk).


Marketing Committee (MC)

The MC sets up a marketing plan for the association and promotes the events and activities to the members and interested students of the EUR. They will expand the reach of the association and create more visibility of Erasmus Pride. The MC will help the other committees and the Board with designing the promotional material and will look for original and creative ways to promote Erasmus Pride.


Introduction Committee (IC)

The IC is in charge of the Eurekaweek and the introduction of new members of the association. Together with the other committees, the IC will create a fun and inviting Eurekaweek and makes sure that everyone who registered as a member will have a great introduction to Erasmus Pride, where they will get to know each other and built that Erasmus Pride community! Membership of the IC will last from February to September, and can be combined with membership with one of EP's other committees (like the AC, MC or YBC). 

Yearbook committee (YBC)

The YBC will handle the assembly and creative direction of EP's planned yearbook. It is a new committee, and thus its members will have a large amount of creative control on how the yearbook will take shape. If you have strong opinions on how you would like the yearbook to look, or what should be included in its contents, this is the perfect chance to get involved. Membership of the YBC will last from February to July, and can be combined with membership with one of EP's other committees (like the AC, MC or IC).