Erasmus Pride
The LGBTQ+-student association in Rotterdam

Our Board

The Erasmus Pride Board is in charge of the daily management of the association and each function has their own responsibilities. The President and Vice-President are in charge of the external relationships of the association and have the responsibility to make sure everything is running smoothly. The Treasurer handles all the finances. They'll make sure that the budget is constructed and monitors every transaction. Our Secretary handles the member administration and communication of the association. All board members are in one or two committees and guide them with their projects.

Meet the Board

President: Fabian Lips 

"Hi!  I am one of the founders of Erasmus Pride. I joined Erasmus Pride a few years ago when it was stil l a network and immediately felt at home. Later I joined the activities committee, which was a lot of fun, because I got to meet new people and organise events with an enthusiastic group. Because we saw the potential of Erasmus Pride, we decided to put in the work and make Erasmus Pride an association. Now I am very happy to offer a safe space for a ever growing group of members and am proud of the LGBTQ+ community that we built.

Next to Erasmus Pride, I am doing a masters in Law & Economics and I am the student-assistant for the master programme. Recently, I became obsessed with plants, so my room is filled with green friends. In normal times, I like to go out with my human friends, dance, do a bit of theatre and shop till I drop. I always love to meet new people, so I hope to see you at one of our events!"

Vice-President: Lotte ten Braak

"My name is Lotte ten Braak, and I am the Vice President of Erasmus Pride this year. I am committed to ensuring Erasmus Pride is an open, accepting, and safe environment for all of our members regardless of sexual orientation or gender. In my day to day life I am studying for my Master’s degree in finance & investments at Erasmus University, and I hope to start my career in the field of finance as well. When I’m not working or studying I like to spend time with my dad or play games with friends."

Treasurer: Grzegorz Janowicz 

"Hi everyone! I’m Greg, 23. I’m your new treasurer, responsible for the finances of our organization. In short, I’ll be the guy whose messages you leave on “delivered”, as I’ll be constantly asking to pay the fees. I’m proud to be a part of the team who’s turning EP into a full-blown, official organization. We have a lot of plans and ideas, which makes me really excited about the upcoming months.

Aside from that I’m doing a master degree in Policy Economics in EUR. I’m interested in economics politics and history. My hobbies include cooking, watching movies (just not sad ones!) and long walks. Please bear in mind that the fact I enjoy cooking doesn’t mean I do it well. All in all, I really hope to get to know more of you, especially offline, once you-know-what finally goes away!"

Secretary: Irene Folkers

"Hello! I am the secretary of Erasmus Pride and joined Erasmus Pride last summer. Being part of Erasmus Pride did me really good and I am very happy to see other people feel at home at our association too. This year is not as we expected it to be, but nonetheless I’m very proud of what we achieved so far as a new association.

Outside of Erasmus Pride I’m a master student at Erasmus University, studying Brain and Cognition. Music is my life and in normal times I would go to lots of concerts. For now Netflix, my two cats, and walks in nature get me through these times. Hopefully we’ll be able to meet soon and get to know each other more at one of our events!"