Erasmus Pride
The LGBTQ+-student association in Rotterdam

Our Board

The Erasmus Pride Board is in charge of the daily management of the association and each function has their own responsibilities. The President and Vice-President are in charge of the external relationships of the association and have the responsibility to make sure everything is running smoothly. The Treasurer handles all the finances. They'll make sure that the budget is constructed and monitors every transaction. Our Secretary handles the member administration and communication of the association. All board members are in one or two committees and guide them with their projects.

Meet the Board

President: Leonardo Ayala

My name is Leonardo. I am president of Erasmus Pride for 2021-2022. The organisation has meant a lot to me over the past four years, it was a space to meet new friends, people who were like me, and it was where most of my social life at Erasmus started. I chose to apply because I am a good team player who is eager to listen to everyone's opinion and find ways to improve this amazing association. Erasmus Pride deserves a president who is kind, friendly towards everyone, and can create enthusiasm for newcomers to become involved in our community. I'm looking forward to serving Erasmus Pride for the upcoming year, and I hope we can grow Erasmus Pride to the biggest size it has ever been! 

Other things about me, I'm in my master year of Econometrics, in my free time I play chess, and I am a big Nintendo fan (new and old-school).

Vice-President: Jelle de Haan

Hey everyone! I'm Jelle de Haan and will serve as Erasmus Pride's vice-president in the coming year.

Hopefully some of you already know me, I've been an active member of our great association for the past two years. In that time I've worked as a part of the activities committee in order to bring events to all of you throughout the lock-down period together with the rest of the team. I'm excited to be working to grow and shape EP with this seat on the board. As vice-president I hope to continue the last board's hard work on strengthening the sense of community between our members and further define EP and her external and internal relations. I also hope to further honour the important queer political history we inherit by having 'Pride' in our name and examine how we can keep using our platform for positive change.

Outside of EP I'm a student entering the third year of my History bachelor. I have a great love for reading, singing in my shower, cross-stitching and cooking. I'm excited to make a great year out of it, hope all of you are too!

Treasurer: Fabian Hack

Hey I’m Fabian, the treasurer of Erasmus Pride. I'm studying economics and business economics and I'm from Stuttgart in Germany. 

I like to go running,  I love cooking and going to the gym. In my board year my goals are to keep the finances in check while transitioning back to the post-Covid  program. Moreover, I focus on expanding our relationship with companies. I  look forward to meeting all of the new members and if you ever have any questions about anything feel free to ask me.

Secretary: Joy Berkelouw 

Hey, I'm Joy Berkelouw

I'm very happy to be the Secretary in the coming year. As a third year history student with a focus on social history,  I'm interested in writing policy that contributes to the education and support of marginalised communities including and especially that of the LGBTQIAPS+ community. I have been raised in the community, and saw the effects bad policy, and societal attitudes had on the people in it. That's why I resolved to fight for their rights from a young age. 

I think Erasmus Pride is one of the best places to continue that fight in this stage of my life. As it places me in the heart of a progressive institution that can be helped to educate members of the community that are still discovering themselves, and a large swath of other students to recognise, respect and support LGBTQIAPS+ people. You will find me listening to sci-fi/fantasy, audiobooks or dancing like a wild man wherever there is music. Hope to see you there!

Public Relations Manager: Riya Divekar

Hi! My name is Riya and I am the new Public Relations Manager for Erasmus Pride. I’m a student at Erasmus University College and I am extremely grateful to be one of the representatives for this inclusive and close-knit community. I discovered Erasmus Pride on Facebook and immediately realised that I wanted to be involved in this wonderful organisation that I will forever consider to be my safe space, where I can grow as a person and learn about everyone’s stories.

In my free time I enjoy singing, dancing, working out and watching Netflix with my friends! I’m passionate about global issues and I always try my best to understand and sympathise with everything that’s going on in our world today. I would say that I’m quite shy, but I love to talk to new people and go out for a fun night. I’m very excited for this upcoming year and I hope to meet everyone in person soon!