Erasmus Pride
The LGBTQIA+ student association in Rotterdam

Student Life

We are a student association, which means that our activities are mainly focused on students (who knew)? However, there's a whole city out there that is filled with LBGTQIA+ greatness ready to be explored. We can tell you all about that of course, but there is an expert that knows everything about LGBTQIA+ life in Rotterdam and that is GayRotterdam.

They have taken it upon themselves to map out all the different hotspots the city has to offer, so if you want to get off campus, but don't know where to go, we suggest you start there!

Next to the hotspots, they are the party whisperers. They know about all the LBGTQIA+ events organized in the city and can tell you everything about them. In the rare occasion that we haven't planned an activity, you can check their calendar to see how you can spend your evening in rainbow style.