Erasmus Pride
The LGBTQIA+ student association in Rotterdam

Sex Education


Erasmus Pride believes that sex should always be safe, consensual and fun! To ensure our members can have positive sexual experiences we try to discuss difficult topics and create an open setting. We want people to be able to be honest about the difficulties they encounter, the desires (or lack of desire) they have, and the ways in which sex can be fun. 

Unfortunately the wider world can be a hostile environment for members of the community to have safe sexual experiences. That can make an already sensitive part of life more difficult. Providing a safe community gives people the opportunity to find their own boundaries and preferences.

If you want to get some expert insight regarding your sexual well-being, love and relationships, STIs or more, check out   sense . This is a Dutch website (provided in English and Dutch) that offers expert advice and also allows you to obtain information about counselling in your area. Anyone under the age of 25 can get free STI checks at GGDRijnmond†