Erasmus Pride
The LGBTQIA+ student association in Rotterdam

Erasmus University Rotterdam

We work closely with the Erasmus University Rotterdam, mainly because most of our members are studying there. The EUR is working hard to be as diverse and inclusive as possible.  At the EUR, there's the Diversity & Inclusion Office. Back in our network days they were our program manager and helped us whenever we had an LBGTQIA+ related issue. They even funded our path to becoming an association. You can read about them and their work here .  You can contact them with any question or suggestion you have about diversity and inclusion.

If you're running into problems during your study, it's always nice to know where e to ask for help. Of course, Erasmus Pride will be there for you in every way that we can, but sometimes it's good to talk to an expert. The EUR has student counsellors. You can contact them by sending an e-mail to  from your student email.

You can visit the student counselor for:

  • Finances (tuition fees, student grant or loan) and financial support for personal circumstances
  • Study progress (eg BSA, illness or personal circumstances)
  • Enrolment, terminating enrollment, admission and graduating
  • Support in applying for a student grant from private funds
  • Requesting grants for board membership
  • Problems with your faculty (mediation, complaints, objections and appeals)
  • Study choice , planning and motivation, as well as how to study, and taking exams
  • Housing: for questions and advice on obtaining a priority procedure.