Erasmus Pride
The LGBTQ+-student association in Rotterdam

LGBTQ+ life

Hey there LGBTQutie! On this page, we will provide all the info you need as an LBGTQ+ student in Rotterdam.

 If you click on Student Life, we will tell you everything an LGBTQ+ student needs to know about the Erasmus University Rotterdam, what the night life hotspots are and who we are working with to make the world a better place for people like us or to set up a nice party.

If you click on LBGTQ+ Wellbeing, we provide information that is aimed to improve your wellbeing. There's a page on Sexuality & Gender Diversity, which will tell you everything about the diversity of sexuality and gender diversity. The page on Mental Health, will provide practical information about who to talk to on the EUR or of campus and which organisations could help you with your health. Lastly, we provide a page with Sex Education focused on LBGTQ+ people.