Erasmus Pride
The LGBTQIA+ student association in Rotterdam

Welcome to the Erasmus Pride Blog! 

Below, we have compiled some of our member submissions consisting stories, poems, and other creative art forms. They cover a variety of topics, so maybe you will find something you really like! If you are a member and would like to submit a piece, please fill out the form mentioned below!

1 - by Franc Kravos

Franc's story talks about Niyolue, an alien princess on her home world that is being oppressed and destroyed by an intergalactic alien race called the Katherines. Her mother and father had both died and she took their throne. In an attempt to make peace between the two nations she tires to integrate into the Katherines' culture as to satisfy them. However, they perceive this as an amusing act worthy of mockery and find Niyolue worthless as she is just their puppet. She realises she could never satisfy her oppressors and so she spirals and is finally saved by one of her servants, who she holds close to her heart. He advises her to rebel and lead her nation to freedom. And in the end her choice will affect an entire race and their future. 

You can read it here! 

2 - by Mel Sotak 

Mel has written a poetry book called "Good Riddance and the Dearly Departed," which consists of several creative short poems that give a contemporary touch to poetry, and are relatable to today's generation. Check out three of the poems called "Rabbit," "A Very Fair Warning to my Mother: This is the one Where I Talk About Sex," and "She is only a sour memory now" below

"You cannot ask a rabbit to bark and be surprised in your disappointment. What may seem obvious- we often mistake:
Requesting that of another outside their own nature.
You can, though, ask him to hop.
Perhaps the request will go unnoticed
Choosing a nap in the field instead.
But maybe, hop he will. I’ve been spending more time in the garden these days.  Unfortunately, I have never been much of an outdoors person."

A Very Fair Warning to my Mother: This is the one Where I Talk About Sex
"Interesting isn’t it how I place my feminist hellfire attitude on my beside table before intimacy. I certainly could psychoanalyze this
But I find it more fun to indulge in the stupidity of it all."

She is Only a Sour Memory Now
"You refused to wear my jacket.  Then berated me for the chill in the air. It was winter. I don’t know what you expected."